Choose the Best Support When Buying a Cell Phone

There are several reasons why Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and Sony are among the biggest selling cell phone brands. It all boils down to great specifications, durable devices, and the best support. These are all well-designed cell phones. These brands also happen to have tie-ups with the telecommunications companies. These brands, for the most part also have a wide range of pricing.

The only non-quantitative differentiator is emotional attachment. If a user has had a good experience with a brand, he would usually stick with that model when he buys his next cell phone. Of course, second phones are usually either older and cheaper models or lower-spec models from other brands.

Cell Phone Repair Shops

Cell phones like most other electronic equipment also fail. There is no guarantee that the cell phone will not break or get damaged when you drop them from a certain height. The drop tests done by manufacturers are only a finite number of drops. In normal use, nobody really counts how many times you knock down a cell phone.

Before you buy a phone, you have to ask about support. Do you have to get the phone to a specific shop? Can’t you just drop off the defective or damaged phone at the company store for repairs? Aren’t there any cell phone repair shops which support the brand?

There are also other considerations. For instance, the battery problem which Samsung encountered is a fluke and was not supposed to happen to a large number of phones. This was a manufacturing defect on a large scale. It was a corporate decision which created the problem.

For regular phones, the batteries are the most engineered for safety. A good tip when buying a particular model, buy it six months after it has been released to the market. The company would have had the time to shake out the model with real-world use, at the same time, the software would have been updated sufficiently to solve most problems associated with a new release.

Spare Parts

Speaking of cell phone repair, you should also look at the spare parts issue. Are the spare parts easily available? Are the parts already in country, or does the company store have to import the parts after you report the phone for repair? Will the parts reach cell phone repair shops in the next year or two?

The issue of spare parts is real. Again, going back to the extreme example, the Samsung phones did not seem to have enough spare parts to repair a large number of battery problems. It was just a lot simpler to do a recall. At least a recall redeems the company with the loyal customers. Keeping the cell phones in the wild would have meant that Samsung might even be named in a class action suit somewhere down the road due to negligence.

One source of spare parts for cell phone repair shops is that of older cell phones. These are cannibalized, and the working parts are used as spares for those phones which were newly brought in for repairs. This is a common practice for the electronics industry, including computers. It is also something which is practiced by the automotive industry for those cars which are out of production.

Repair Personnel

Cell phone repair shops have knowledgeable personnel who know their way around electronic devices. They do not necessarily have certifications from the cell phone manufacturers. In the same way, car mechanics seldom have certifications or training from car manufacturers. There are, of course, a few exceptions, but these are all high-end luxury cars. For cell phones, there are no certifications for premium brands and models.

This is the reason why it is important that you find a reputable repair shop. If you can find a shop where you are comfortable with the way they do business, and they repair fast with good quality service, stick to them. They know what they are doing, and you are in good hands.

Little to See Inside

Cell phones may seem like things which were designed to be disposable. It’s like what happened to the computer industry, where the pieces have become throwaway parts once there are no more parts. Cell phones do not have parts which are serviceable by ordinary consumers. If you don’t know what you are doing, most cell phones can no longer be opened. This was in stark contrast to just a few years ago, when cell phones still had covers, or the batteries were integrated into the covers. At that time, you can open the cover and see most of the cell phone parts without any need of unscrewing anything. In today’s cell phones, there are slots for the SIM card or the microSD card, and the rest is sealed and locked away. You open your cell phone and void the warranty.

Cell phone technical personnel study a lot about cell phones and how each model is different from another. They know what parts they can touch and which ones are better off replaced as a whole. There are parts which are easily replaced, including the battery, and screen. The parts which are usually left untouched are the cameras and the processor. When you fry the processor, that is it. You are better off buying a new phone.

The new models which are IP67/IP68 certified for dust and water resistance are going to be a problem for tech repair. The moment they open the cell phone, the seals are broken, and these are no longer as dust sealed or water-resistant as before.

All in all, if you want to use your phone for more than two years, you should check out your cell phone repair shop for any suggestions they may have about quality and durability, as well as spare parts availability.

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