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Cellphone Repair Problems and Solutions (part 1)

Cellphone Repair

Cellphone Repair


Different factors and different solutions for cellphone repair

Our cellphones are probably the most disposable item in our home. Most of us replace them yearly, or monthly for various reasons like keeping up with latest smartphone released, it was stolen or we misplaced it, or we broke it. There are different kinds of damage a phone can take and the more we
know about it the more aware we are of taking better care of our phone. So, learn all about your phone here https://outofwarranty.com. Lest it require cellphone repair

Water Damage

There are several causes of water damage to your phone they can either be an accidental submerging in the sink, the toilet, swimming pool, a snow bank and the washing machine. Excess humidity in hot weather can cause moisture and damage the phone. Do you like taking a steamy bath? Because that’s one more cause to build up moisture in your phone. Or you ran out in the rain without an umbrella. You could also easily tip a glass of water or drink on your exposed phone. Water damage causes different problems on your phone.

Electrical Problem

A problem most of us have encountered is when we keep pressing the power button and it won’t turn on. Test the phone by using a different working battery, if it works then, you’ll just have to replace you old battery. If that test failed, try another battery (if you have another), if the result is the same the main power supply or mother board may be damaged. Other causes would suggest you have a faulty charger, leaky batteries, damaged circuits, or the outlet maybe not be working. Dirt can also interfere
with battery connections.

Screen Display Problem

If the power isn’t the problem it’s the display. Before assuming it’s a display problem, test it out by plugging your charger, phones are designed to indicate that the phone is connected. A blank screen may be caused by a software virus or glitch, a severe software corruption, or a corrupted circuit problem. Water damage can also be the cause of a blank screen.

Keypad Malfunction

This is when you can’t type any numbers or letters, or type some but not all, or typing a number or letter but a different number or letter appears. This is mostly due to a drop, water or heat damage or the phone’s keypad membrane is broken or dented.

No Signal

If you only use your phone for communication, it’s pretty much useless without a signal. A poor reception could mean that you’re in a dead zone meaning you’re too far from the closest cell tower or obstruction causing interference, or you have a damaged antenna or a software corruption. Your
cellphone may also be running low on battery power supply and make require cellphone repair

if you require cellphone repair you can either bring your broken iPhone into one of our local franchise brick and mortar locations or mail it directly to our headquarters by using this easy to use EZ Repair Form





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