Cell Phone Utility Apps

Best Cell Phone Utility Apps part 2

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Take care of your phone with Cell Phone Utility Apps


Cell Phone Utility Apps

Here we give you a continuation of the Best Cell Phone Utility Apps  that will protect and manage your phones, whether the phone is missing or it’s a protection against unwanted download of unsafe apps by children.

6. Perfect App Protector
Fully protect your phone with this app. You can set a password to protect applications, lock your SMS, email, pictures, messenger and more. And if you forgot your password just hit the “find” button for a hint. Perfect if you have children, so you won’t have to worry about them downloading and buying apps.

7. Clean Master
This is an all-in-one Android app for cleaning cache, residual files, privacy data and uninstalling apps. The Clean Master also reminds you if you forget to clean your memory, cleaning can save hundreds of megabytes.

8. Lookout
Lookout notifies you if you are exposed to security weakness because of outdated software or if your iPhone or iPad is jail broken. It will also tell you which apps are tracking and revealing your location. Lookout has 3 features in locating your phone, Locate – you can locate your phone via Google Map from any browser, Scream – Make your phone scream when it’s nearby and Signal Flare – save you phone’s location when the battery runs low.

9. AppMonster Free Backup Restore
The app allows the user to manage, restore and backup the apps. This also supports group restore and backup.

10. Contact Lock Lite
Keeps your contacts secure with a PIN and a timer which will lock your contacts for the required time.

11. Gallery lock
Manage your pictures and videos with Gallery lock, by individually hiding them. Features stealth mode (hides a launch icon). Share you pictures from Gallery lock to any application, Slide show supported with Mp3 background music. Also has an easy-to-use PIN, pattern access.

12. Norton Security and Antivirus
The app provides anti-malware, anti-virus and security expertise for mobile phones. Features automatic antivirus scan for downloaded apps and app updates to protect against threats, detects and removes mobile security threats that plans to steal your personal info, spam you with texts, or take control of your phone, and an option of scanning SD card data.

13. History Eraser
Makes it simple to delete unnecessary memory from you phone, includes text messages, browser history and cached files which deletes them altogether.

14. Tasker
An application for Android which performs tasks based on contexts (application, time, date, location, event, gesture) in user-defined profiles, or in clickable or timer home screen widgets. Simply put it lets you quickly program commands for your phone like play a music or open a file browser when your SD card is inserted or start the day with a particular application showing in your preference.


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