Common Problems and Solutions for your Cell Phone Repairs

Cell Phone Repair


Last time we gave you a list of common problems that we experience with our cell phones and their causes. This time we’ll share with you some solutions to somehow save your phone from complete cell phone damage. There are ways that you can do at home to solve a cell phone problem, but when that fails you know you have to seek professional help. Out of Warranty is a trustworthy cell phone repair team of technicians that fixes a variety of cell phone brands from a range of problems.

Water Damage

  • Take the phone out of the water ASAP, the ports and case might seem tiny and tight, time could make a huge difference.
  •  If you dropped it in the ocean, wash it first with fresh water before salt crystals form. Take out the batteries and turn it off (to avoid a short circuit), also take out your memory card and SIM (dry them separately).
  •  Use a substance with a high affinity for drawing out moisture, placing your phone overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice, but dessicants may absorb better than rice. Desiccants are what we find in newly purchased bags, shoes and other stuff.

Electrical Damage

  • Try switching Off and On button, if that don’t work
  • Switch the battery with a spare, the spare must be working.
  • Clean your battery with a cotton swab and rubbing or isopropyl alcohol.

Screen Display Problem

  • Clean the display tips and display connector.
  • Resold the display connector.
  • Change the Display.
  • Check Display track.
  • Resold or change the display IC.
  • Heat, Reball or change the CPU.

Keypad Malfunction

  • Try switching Off and On button, if that don’t work
  • Reset the device, the software may need to be reverted back to factory standard.
  • Clean and remove debris around the keys. Sometimes particles of skin, oil and food can become wedged between the buttons may interrupt keys to being pushed fully.

No Signal

  • Try switching Off and On button, if that don’t work
  • Get a Femtocell, this mini cell phone tower covers 5,000 sq ft on average and works for approximately 8 registered phones.
  • Signal Repeater, Booster or Amplifier, grabs an outside signal and repeats it inside your home.
  • Keep your battery charged to 2 bars or higher, since your cell phone uses a lot more power when connecting a call trying to find a signal.


Do you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any other type of phone that has a  cracked cell phone screen, water damage screen or are in need of any other cell phone repair, contact a  professional at  (845) 363-6459 or fill out our contact form

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