Cost of Buying Cell Phones vs. Cell Phone Repair

Today people tend to toss away their broken items and not have them fixed. This is often the case with cell phones. Somehow, we think that replacing a broken phone is cheaper and easier than having a cell phone repair performed. The truth of the matter is that replacing your broken phone can cost a lot more than having it repaired even if it is still under warranty. Below are some reasons you should have your cell phone, such as the most popular iPhone, repaired instead of throwing it in the trash.



When you compare the cost of purchasing a new cell phone out of the contract period, rather than when it us under contract, it can cost well over $500. When researching the cost to repair a screen on an iPhone, you can spend anywhere from $30 to $130, depending on where you get it fixed. Replacing the screen yourself after purchasing a new one off of the internet should only cost you about $30. When you choose to have it done at a professional repair shop you can spend up to $130. Whichever repair you choose you are going to save about $400 when compared to buying a new iPhone.

Was your cell phones digitizer broken because you dropped it in the toilet, on the pavement, or somewhere else? To have the digitizer part of the cell phone repaired it will cost you under $120. Using the insurance on an iPhone to replace it with a refurbished device will cost you about $200. This is in addition to the deductible that you pay every month. Your phone carrier is making plenty of money off of this. With a quick calculation you will see that having the digitizer replaced is a lot cheaper than replacing the cell phone entirely.

Many people think that having insurance on their cell phones is a waste of money, and it can be depending on the circumstances. The phone insurance companies are buying broken cell phones in bulk amounts, repairing them, and then sending the repaired item to you as a replacement for your damaged phone. When these phones are taken apart, signs of water damage may be seen, they may be missing screws, and so on. If you lose your cell phone you can get them off many internet sites for about the same cost as your deductible. Also, with the growth of the cell phone repair industry, finding a cell phone repair shop in your area is becoming easier. Most of these companies have websites with a list of their rates and any warranties that they may offer.
Most of us will need cell phone repairs one day, but do we need the overpriced cell phone insurance?  No one wants to drop their phone in the toilet, or take it for a swim, but mistakes happen. If and when this does happen, please consider the savings and quality service that you will receive bringing your damaged phone to a repair shop instead of using your provider’s costly insurance.

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