The New Airbag to Prevent Cell Phone Damage

Scientists have created an emergency device that prevents cell phone damage. How did they do it? They used the concept of the car and crated a airbag for the phone!


 Cell phone damage?


No this is no April Fools joke. This must have air bad accessory has been dubbed Case N and can be fit to any  smartphone to prevent cell phone damage. When you drop the phone,  six built-in airbags inside the case deploy. Thus preventing he phone screen from any cell phone damage like scratches, dents and water damage because it opens and floats like a boat.

Video of the concept airbag that prevents cell phone damage


Have you ever had cell phone damage? If you have ever dropped your smartphone you’ll know that sinking feeling as you pick it up to find it’s dented, scratched or wet.

Sadly the airbag to prevent a broken cell phone is for now just a concept created by Honda and is not available to buy .The Case N is just a concept case by Honda and no plans to ever produce the product, a similar concept design was seriously suggested by the people at Apple as shown in the march issue of PhoneArena  .It seems an  Apple patent was released for a case that tracks how close a phone is to hitting the ground, using built-in accelerometers and as the phone, and case, reaches the floor, space age gas-powered thrusters fire in the opposite direction to slow it down.


Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device


So until they make these airbags for phones more practical and mass produce them, you can trust to help fix it your cell phone damage and have it back to you so fast that you will forget that you broke it in the first place.


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