Broken iPhone or just a rest needed?

broken iPhone


Broken iPhone?


We can’t get enough applications for our cell phones, and we download what we can especially when they are free, but when it translates into a broken iPhone or a  cell phone starts to slow up because off all the memory we’ve used up we might need to consider resetting the device. Restoring your phone to its original state might be the best option to wipe it clean. Only do a factory reset if the device frequently freezes or lagging, returning to the home screen causes the system to hang, the battery drains faster and the phone force closes frequently.

Remember to back up your memory before doing the reset. There apps to help you back up your pictures, contacts, phone call history, text messages, calendar details, even music playlists and the position of shortcuts on your home screen.
Here are steps ( ) in resetting your phone; iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows, Samsung and all other cell phones.

1. Tap on “Settings” from the home screen of your iPhone
2. Tap on “General Settings” from the list of options
3. Tap on “Reset.” Depending on the memory capacity of your device is how long the phone will take to restore. This will prevent a broken iPhone

1. Select “Settings” from the application menu
2. Look for the “Factory Data Reset” option. (the option may be located in either “Privacy” or “SD and Phone Storage” depending on what kind of Android device you have)
3. And select “Reset Phone”
4. And “Erase Everything” this takes about 5 minutes to restore the phone completely.

1. From the main menu, select “Options”
2. Then select “Security” or “Security Options”
3. Choose either “Wipe Handheld” or “Security Wipe”
4. Enter “blackberry” when asked for the password
5. Select appropriate option to confirm the reset of your BlackBerry

1. Type “#7370#” using the keypad
2. Type “12345” when asked for a password, the phone will then reset itself

1. From the start menu or programs list, select “Settings”
2. Select “Clear Storage” or “Hard Reset”
3. Type “1234” when asked for a password
4. Answer “Yes” to confirm that you want to reset your device

Samsung and all other Cell Phones
1. Select “Settings” from the main menu
2. Either chooses “Master Reset” or “Factory Reset” options. (on some cell phones, the options may be located within folders named “Phone” or “Security”
3. Enter your phone’s security password to complete the reset process. (in most cases, security password will either be “000000” or “12345” or “1234”
4. Contact manufacturer of the device for reset instructions

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