The Best Free Bittorrent Clients for Android

BitTorrent is a technology which allows the user to share and download a file via shared hosting to other users. This is different from just sharing a file which others can download. In this case, you would be the only source of the file and share it with multiple people would take a lot of time. This has other disadvantages besides being the only source of the file.

What happens in BitTorrent downloading is that the file you are downloading came from copies of the same file but saved on different computers. These file servers may be ordinary desktops, servers or even tablets and cell phones. The benefit of this method is that even if one source shuts down, the download continues as long as there are other servers sending back pieces of the file that you need. You don’t need a cell phone repair shop to install the BitTorrent client.

The technology has been in use for more than ten years, and lately more people have been using their cell phones to download via BitTorrent. The list below are the best free Android BitTorrent client apps.

1. Bittorrent

Bittorrent is one of the original BitTorrent clients on the desktop. The Android version allows unlimited download and upload speeds, with speed limits that the user can set. It also has no file size limits, as long as you have the storage space. It supports RSS subscription and saving to external microSD cards. It also has an integrated media player.

2. Torrnado

If you are a Linux user, you would be familiar with Transmission, a multi-platform BitTorrent client. Aside from Linux, Transmission also has a version for the Mac OS X and Android. Torrnado is strictly speaking not a BitTorrent client. However, it is a remote control app which runs on your Android phone. It can show you the status of currently running torrents, as well as start, pause and delete downloads. You also set the download and upload speeds, as well as add torrent files to the download queue. As a remote control app, the downloaded files would be saved to your desktop. This saves you the bother of checking if you have any free space on your cell phone.

3. Vuze

If you have used Vuze on the desktop, you would either like it a lot or just hate it. The good news is that Vuze for Android is small and slim, and fast. It is also ad-free. Vuze has a built-in search feature, a WiFi only mode, and also allows setting the download and upload speeds.

4. Torrent Download Manager

This is a hybrid app as it works as both a torrent client app and a download manager. You can use to keep track of your file downloads or use it to download and upload bittorrents files. As a download manager, it supports a range of Android browsers to run as many as 16 parallel downloads. As a BitTorrent client, it supports torrent search, selective partial downloads, encryption, magnet links, scheduling and proxy support. It also does not have any speed limits.

5. µTorrent

On the desktop, µTorrent has been a user favorite for many years. As an Android app, it supports the usual features including unlimited download speed, unlimited file size, search, and settings for upload and download speeds. It also supports partial downloads, magnet links, and RSS subscription. It is WiFi only, which saves the user from any additional data charges due to large file downloads. It can save to an external microSD card. It also makes use of a media library and a media player. The app was acquired by BitTorrent in 2006 and currently use the same backend.

Actual Use of BitTorrent

Although BitTorrent can take up a lot of your data plan, it is one choice for those who like to download files from the internet. The technology is great for downloading large files. It also monitors the file download up to and after completion.

The technology has been used for a variety of uses, and it has become quite popular for distributing media files. The only real limitation of this technology for Android is the relatively small storage available on cell phones. The support for external SD storage is a necessary feature. However, even SD card storage can be filled up very fast. It is a limited solution, after all.

Pending the development of new technology for file sharing, BitTorrent remains one of the fastest ways to transfer large files. There are already several cloud storage companies which make use of this technology to save client files online. The advantage for them stems from the multiple server locations. This gives the user more security for backups. The multiple servers use also helps to make the file transfer go faster. This could be useful when you need to upload all your files to the cloud before you have your cell phone sent to a cell phone repair facility.

One other feature of this technology is that anyone can put up their files on the web, or online from their computer, and share it with others. The only thing that is needed would be a magnet link for the source file, or a torrent file. You can upload the torrent to the web, sharing it with another computer or several computers, then share it by sending the torrent file to the recipient. As long as there is a source computer running and serving the file, the download would continue.

The nature of internet at the moment is that the upload speed is slower than the download speed. If you are sending a file for sharing, the recipient can only download as fast as you can upload. However, with BitTorrent files, the different servers serve to multiply the speed of upload, and the recipient can download the file faster.

Even with a smaller device like the cell phone, the potential for growth of BitTorrent use for file sharing. The use of the right BitTorrent client can help you run your operations faster.

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