Best Cell Phone Apps part 1.

Take care of your phone with cell phone Apps.


Cell Phone Utility Apps
Taking care of phones, sometimes isn’t just about not letting it fall to the ground or buying cell phone cases for protection. We buy things that protect our phones from impact, water damage, scratch and the like, all for the reason to protect the physical body of our cellular phones. We must remember, that we have to take care of its inside as well… when we speak about the cell phones inside, we mean data, memory, battery life, cell phone speed and the such. Taking care of it inside out is the best way to prolong your use of your smartphone. This is why; the article will be about utility apps that help you take better care of your phone by keeping up with the health of your phone in regards to speed, memory, battery and others.

Best Utility Apps

-It is an app developed and created by Ookla to determine whether the speed of your smart phone internet is fast or slow. After the speedtest, the result will be shown to you at the bottom of the screen. You can download the app from Google play store.

2. Onavo Extend
-This free phone app compresses your phones data automatically. The app saves you not only data, but money as well if you typically exceed your mobile service’s plan data allotment. It is a must download app for an iphone user who travel a lot reviewers say.

3. avast! Mobile Security
-This app is packed with tons of features that are security related like a battery manager, remote wipe, an app manager, remote-lock, safe web browsing, and a top rated anti-virus engine that passed AV-Tests tests with high marks. The best thing about this about app is, that it’s completely free for download.

4. Easy Battery Saver
Their slogan is “Your Super Battery Savior!” with that in mind you will pretty much like what battery-related miracles it can do to your phone. Easy Battery Saver helps you conserve battery by working with your device network connectivity, screen-out and screen brightness. The app has four different modes of saving battery life, and an additional customized mode.

5. Where’s My Droid
-Obviously an Android app, this app is for those who often lose or misplace their phones a lot. Developed by Alienman Tech, the app will help you track down your missing android device by making the phone ring and vibrate, use a GPS location tracking system or by texting your device with an attention word.


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