Apple Introduces Clips for Video Editing on iOS Mobile Devices

There are existing video editing software for mobile devices. There are also image sharing social media apps with video editing capabilities. However, so far there has not been a single video editing app for mobiles which has captured the imagination of millions of users, which also happen to produce internet-ready videos. This time Apple is trying to make that a point for video editing on iOS with Clips.

Clips is not a social media app. It is not like Instagram or Snapchat which can edit short videos for sharing on their sites. It is truly a video editor for mobile. The output can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Facebook. However, the resulting videos cannot be shared by the app on its own. It has to make use of these other social media apps for that.

Putting it All Together

This is a free app from Apple, and it is one of the few times when a standalone app is released. The app exists on its own, and it exists only because there is a need for it. The only in-app purchase a user might resort to is when he buys a music on iTunes for the video soundtrack. Of course, there are other free music which you can use if you don’t care to buy from iTunes.

For what it can do, and since it is free, the app is awesome. It delivers a seamless experience on a small device, with a shallow learning curve. The only impediment to a quick adoption is that the menus need some user understanding. But even with that, it is still possible to use Clips and learn along the way. This is what a video editing app on the iOS should look like. It should be intuitive enough that you can work on the video without any need of prior experience or training.

If you have used iMovie before, suffice to say that Clips is easier to use. As well it should be considering that those who use iPhones and iPads do not need to have the full functionality of Mac OS X and iMovie. This is the video editing software which users should have had from Day 1. It may have taken Apple a long time but it is here and it works straight out of the box.

Social Media Considerations

The most obvious consideration that Clips has is that the video is easy to assemble and it has effects in it. Effects are much like filters on Instagram. Only this time, there are not too many of them. It is hoped that there would be more such effects sometime soon. In the meantime, the list of available effects seems substantial enough for a video editor. Even a novice should get far with these tools.

Another social media consideration is that the videos can be shared on social media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook. This is an easy design decision. This is the only way the videos can be shared. The video clips can be shared from within Clips.

The most important thing that Clips has included is the video format. It is a square. Video clips are 1080×1080 in resolution. This seems like a throwback to the early Instagram images which were all squares. What this does is simplifies the usage of the video. If you have a 1080p video resolution, there will be black spaces along the sides of the video. If you have a 4K video device, the video will fit the screen and will still have the black sides. For smaller screens like 720p HD, the video should resize, with black sides.

Admittedly, it looks weird that Apple adopted a square for the video output. However, there should be no problem whatever the resolution. What is important, is that the video started out as 1080p snippets, then included in the Clips media library. From there everything, the video gets cropped. This is the first time that Apple would be using this aspect ratio. It may look weird for some, and it does need some getting used to.

The Freebie

This is a great program which anyone who has a social media account should add to their iOS device. It is easy to use, and it can surprise the user. Creativity has always been a question when it comes to Apple tools. However, as always, those who keep on using the apps learn a lot and develop their skills on their own. Those who get frustrated and keep saying that they are not creative can just drop out and forget about this app. It’s easy to use and should be able to help any lack of creativity.

It is not clear what Apple plans with this app. It is a big step forward to whatever agenda Apple has. It has been estimated that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be made up of videos. This is sure to fill up the bandwidth real fast the moment that it can get some downloading momentum. It can create the same buzz that Instagram had with filters, or how Snap uses image and video overlays.

What is really surprising is the sheer power that this app has. The processing is done all on the mobile device. It does not send the video to the server for any rendering. With the post production rendering done on the camera, there should be no lag time due to the tremendous computing power required.

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