Android O

There have been several debates regarding the name and possible improvements to expect on the latest and much-expected successor to the Android 7.0 Nougat announced last year. Recall that the Nougat update brought along with it several improvements in the performance, speed and visuals department.

Google, however, taunted the upcoming OS revealing it to be Android O, a move which has sparked major debate as to the possible full meaning of the ‘O’ with some tech enthusiasts maintaining that the ‘O’ in line with Google’s choice of desserts might most likely be ‘Oreo.’

The Android ‘O’ has however been revealed to be coming with some major improvements over the Android N as it is expected to come into full view during the Google I/O conference which has been scheduled for May.

The latest information about the device ahead of its official launch in May, however, deals mainly with the Notification as indications exist that Google might be planning something big for its fans.

Fresh rumors regarding the much expected OS reveals that Google is working hard to bring several fixes and improvements to the Notification on the upcoming OS with regards to icon badges.

The integration if added on means each application on the latest OS will come showing its specific icons which will allow users to get a quick glance at the apps giving the notification before opening it.

9to5Google further added that the latest OS might come with a completely new and redesigned system of notification which will indeed be a welcome move. The suggested design, however, hold that Google may be planning on bringing a picture-in-picture mode to the notification just like in the Android TV.

The much expected Android O is also expected to come into the market sporting a new smart text selection floating toolbar along with integration for smart Assistant loaded on the device.

With the smart text selection floating toolbar, devices running on the OS will be able to automatically copy needed information from applications and web pages and use it when required.

Also on the Android O is the possibility of the “Copy Less” feature which according to report would be integrated with the Google Assistant.

Rumors also suggest that Google may be looking to bring restricted background activities from applications on the much expected OS. The feature which has already been seen in the Google Chrome 57 allows users to minimize power consumption or usage of apps running in the background tabs to keep power consumption to the barest minimum.

The Dynamically changing icons which have been rumored to be coming with the device has been featured already in the Pixel Launcher made by Google for its Pixel smartphones.

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