Is the Amazon Fire Phone For You?

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, then you should’ve heard that the biggest online retailer in the world has just released their very own smartphone. Yes, Amazon has finally unveiled the Fire phone, which is set to go head to head with its competitors from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. While it has been received with mixed reviews, you might still be interested in familiarizing yourself with its top features before deciding for yourself if it’s a smartphone that appeals to your senses.

Amazon calls it “Dynamic Perspective,” but us common folks know it as 3D effects. The Fire phone actually has 4 infrared-backed cameras placed on the front part, which are able to impressively track your head and eyes to create interface depth and layering that results to a rather convincing 3D illusion. This feature is best suited for games and maps, and would be an innovative twist to the general user interface should this be your thing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Amazon phone if it didn’t have a special feature linking it to their retail store. Hence, the “Firefly” feature that makes use of the camera and the microphone to identify objects in real time. It’s basically your own personal shopper and source of information that lets you detect an item, audio, and shows, and link you to how you can buy it from Amazon.

With the advancements made in leading smartphones in the market such as the iPhone, Amazon powered up their digital camera with a 13-megapixel resolution. In addition, it also has optical image stabilization that lessens the blurriness even with longer exposures. Music lovers would also be delighted to know that the Amazon Fire comes with a tangle-resistant pair of ear buds. It showcases flat cables and magnetic ear buds that snap together when not in use.

So what’s your take on the Amazon Fire phone? Is it something you want to try out for yourself or basically just another smart phone model to pass on?

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