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The Always On feature is one of the most important upgrades brought to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 devices, and it has in more ways than one made other smartphone users in the Android market more jealous.

The Always On feature functions primarily to keep the display on your device on at all times, the literal meaning of the word which comes to the market in an identical move to the Motorola’s Active Display feature which came into the market a few years ago.

The Always On feature displays the time weather and other notifications which has been selected while setting the application to suit user taste. The function allows users to swipe their hand over their device when its pulled out of the pocket to see important information on the display of their device, information similar to those you’ll get when the device is turned on. The great part of the Always On display is that the screen is black which saves pretty much a chunk of battery thereby prolonging battery use especially on devices sporting the AMOLED display.

In case you want a device capable of this feature, you don’t necessarily need to rush out to cop the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 device or any other latest device with the feature as you could as well turn your smartphone into one.

Here’s how:

There is an application named the Glance Plus which does pretty much the same thing as the Always On feature on the new devices, so you get to save a load of money for the added on feature.

Although, there are a ton of applications which offer the same functions as the Glance Plus/Always On Display, the Glance Plus is quite approachable and easy to use hence the decision to stick to the app

However, it is advisable not to install the app or any other of its nature on devices with LCD as it substantially consumes more battery power.

In setting up your Always On Display feature, navigate to the app store to download the Glance Plus application and install it. Proceed to open the application and grant all requested and required permissions which enable the application function maximally. Further to this access the application once again and locate the top right corner where you should toggle its switch on.

Other modification settings that could be applied to the application include:

Access the app and tap on the Notifications switch from where you can toggle on or off the Notification panel of the application as you deem fit. Proceed to check the box next to the Glance Plus on the Notification access then press the back button. Tap on the Notification panel.

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