9 Common iPhone Questions and Answered

9 Common iPhone Questions and Answered

Be it looking for ways to get your phone to let go of storage spaces without harming too many files or getting how to stop your phone from killing your battery, we really just want to fix it all with a tap or a click.

Well, there is nothing a good troubleshooting wouldn’t do. I mean, who says you have to go through your phone with lots of thumb job when there are shortcuts just for you. This is why we’ve picked out and solved 9 common iPhone question and answer that might glitches you to find a tad puzzling.

Common iPhone Questions and Answers

text messages

I see a blue and green background on text messages, what exactly is the difference?

When you see a blue background, it means that the messages were sent iMessages (i.e. free messages sent over Wi-Fi to other iPhones, Macs, iPads and iPods. The green background tells you that your messages were sent over SMS (part of your network plan).

How do I get my phone to let go of some storage memory for me to save some new  photos without taking time to go through which of the old ones to delete?

Apart from clearing caches, you can take some of your photos in your message app. Simply head to “send a new message” in your text message app and tap the camera icon on the page to take a new photo. Or you can activate your lock screen, swipe up the camera icon on the screen. This doesn’t all last long so the best thing is to clear up necessary files and caches when you have the time.

I need to see what percentage of my battery level is left

This is easy. Just head to “General” Settings in your phone settings, and then, scroll down to Usage. Go down the page and till you get to the “Battery Percentage” option before toggling it on.

How can I stop the moving background on my phone? They are nauseating.

Your iPhone’s iOS 7 operating system gives you a great parallax feature that allows your wallpaper move around, giving you the 3D feel but it could make you feel dizzy at times and also kill your battery before you know it. To restrict the movement, go your “General” settings, tap Accessibility and toggle on the “Reduce Motion” switch down the page.

How do I see the timestamps on my text messages?

iPhone timestamps

You sometimes want to get the time your last iMessage was sent since it is not automatically visible on your message app. Simply hold the message bubble on your Message app, swipe to the left and the timestamps on all your messages to different parties will be shown.

I need to delete the “Sent from my iPhone” notification that appears on the emails I send. How do I do that?

We mostly want to let go of that notification that shows the recipients of our sent mail that you sent it from your iPhone. To delete this, tap “Mail, Contacts Calendars” in your phone “Settings” and then, go down the page till you see “Signature”. Simply tap that option and you can delete the signature from all email accounts or possibly change the signature to something you want.

My text size is just too small. How do I avoid straining my eyes to read?

You don’t have to go all squint-eyed on that text when you can make it larger and more legible. All you need to do is to go to your phone “Settings”, click on “General” and scroll till you see “Text Size”. Choose the text size you prefer from the dropdown slide you get.

I want to share some of the text messages I got from someone with another person. How do I do it?

You probably want to meet up with your friends in a restaurant or enjoy a night out with your significant other and just want to forward the directions without retyping. All you need to do is to press and hold that particular message you want to forward to others till an option box pops out. Click “More…” and you’d see a new screen that contains that message you want to send already checked. Just look for the forward icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and tap it. Your message will automatically get pasted on a new message window so all you need to do is hit “Send”.

I’m currently headed to a meeting and I just need to silence my phone easily?

All you need to do is enable “Do Not Disturb” feature in your phone settings. Just swipe up your home screen and then, locate and tap the moon icon on the screen. You can also silence your phone periodically (say between 8 AM and 4PM), that way you don’t know what goes on your phone between those hours. Just go to the “Do Not Disturb” option in your settings to do so.


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