7 Must Have Accessories For Your Cell Phone

No matter how you look at it, your cell phone is an investment. With a locked cell phone, you can be tied up with it for the next two years. You would be paying for it through your carrier. Unlocked phones have an upfront cost which can be very heavy on the wallet. Unless you are buying a feature phone worth less than $100, the cost of the cell phone can only be recouped by using it for a long time.

Cell phones also require you to invest in other equipment or accessories. These can help you make the most use or extend the use of your cell phone. These accessories can be a convenience or they can also help to keep your cell phone safe.

The accessories below are for safety and cell phone protection purposes and for convenience. These are easy enough to buy at stores or online. These are cheaper alternatives to going to a cell phone repair shop to have your phone repaired.

1. Cell phone protector

There are a lot of cell phone protector types, brands, and models. These are meant to keep your cell phone safe at all times. Most cell phones serve as protection against accidental drops, or water spilling on the phone. The cell phone protector serves as an armor. Even if the phone gets bashed a lot by hitting the floor, wall or table in everyday use, the armor keeps it safe. Your cell phone would have less dents, dings, and scratches. There are some accidents which even a strong cell phone protector cannot prevent or adequately protect the cell phone. It does, however, help prevent a visit to a cell phone repair shop.

2. Screen protector

Aside from the cell phone protector, you would also need a screen protector. There are some cell phone protectors which come with a screen protector. While others are just a form of wrap-around silicone casing, the screen protector is designed to give your screen additional protection. One of the most famous screen protector is the Corning Gorilla Glass. Some cell phones have this as their glass. Less expensive models make do without it.

The screen protector adds a layer of material over the glass screen. This prevents any scratches on the glass and maintains the proper functioning of the touch screen.

3. Lanyard

The lanyard was fairly common during the time the first Nokia 3310 was still in production. A short piece of string attaches to the phone, and the lanyard is worn around the wrist. Unfortunately, most of today’s cell phone models no longer have the small hole for the wrist lanyard. This fairly small feature can be the difference between a successful action selfie, and a dropped phone. Most dropped phones could be prevented with a wrist lanyard.

4. Arm Holster

This holster is usually used by runners and those working out in the gym. Cyclists also use this sometimes. The holster is wrapped around the arm, and the cell phone is placed inside. There is a strip of velcro on the cover to keep the holster closed, and the cell phone safe.

This is one of the earliest cell phone accessories. It also happens to be one of those accessories which is generic in the size department. For instance, a holster for a 5.3 inch phone can easily fit a 5-inch phone or smaller, as well as a 5.5 inch or 5.7 inch phone. Runners swear by this accessory, as they can use either a Bluetooth wireless headset or a headphone with cables without any problems.

5. USB OTG cable

The easiest way to access a hard disk or an external drive using your cell phone is with the use of an USB OTG cable. This is an attachment which allows the user to connect the external drive to the phone using the USB port. It does not need the use of a computer; you can access the contents of the hard disk directly. This can be a very important piece of equipment if you have a tablet or a cell phone and you no longer have enough space on your microSD drive or the cell phone’s internal storage. Older cell phones would require an app to use the OTG, while newer models (like Android Marshmallow devices) have the OTG as a switch under settings. There might be a need to install an app in order to read the hard disk’s file system.

6. USB car charger

Most cell phone users already have a USB car charger. This allows the cell phone to charge while inside the phone by connecting it to the cigarette lighter. For non-smokers, this may be the only use the car’s cigarette lighter will have. The USB car charger has a unit which is inserted into the lighter. It has a USB slot where the user would connect the USB cable to the cell phone. This is a handy tool for recharging the cell phone wherever you go in your vehicle.

7. Belt clip

The belt clip is an understated piece of equipment. Most people would rather keep their cell phones inside their coat pocket or in their purse or bag. The belt clip is composed of two parts. One part attaches to the belt, while the other piece attaches to the cell phone. Typically, the cell phone clip slides into the slot on the belt portion. The belt portion of the clip has a lock, which you have to press in order to remove the cell phone.

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