5 Yoga apps for mobile

Yoga is a popular exercise and meditation activity which has a large and ever-growing following. With such a market base, it is just logical that there would be yoga apps for everything about yoga. The yoga apps are meant for different audiences, but what all of them can do is assist you in enjoying and practicing yoga wherever is most convenient for you.

Yoga is a way of life for some people. Even those who have only been taking lessons for a while take away a whole lifetime of experiences, and muscle memory. It is not a religion, but the breathing exercises do free up the mind and open up for meditation. Whether you are invested in the culture or just into yoga for the exercises, these apps must something to offer for every level of practitioner.

These apps make owning a tablet look like a great proposition. You should inquire with your nearest iPhone shop or nearest Android shop for any suggestions for great resolution viewing.


You might want to have your Android device checked for the videos, as these are all in HD. Check out the memory of your smartphone, and get an upgrade on the microSD if your memory falls short. You should also look at getting a tablet stand or case to watch the videos while doing your exercises.

  1. Yoga Studio. It dubs itself as the ultimate yoga app. The app has more than 80 ready-made yoga and meditation classes with HD video. This is a subscription based service, not a one-time payment app. It regularly updates content as well as the app. It also integrates with Appleā€™s Health App. For those who want to try it out, there is a 14-day trial period. If you like what you see, or you like its features, you can subscribe for $1.99 per month. The main benefit of the app is that there is continuous updating, and it feels like you are in a regular yoga class.
  1. Yoga.com Studio. Android and iOS users can have access to yoga classes with preset poses and HD video. Or they can create their own variants as well as custom programs. If you have been doing yoga for some time now, this might be the one for you. The point of this is that most people who exercise yoga regularly already do their poses at home. With this as a guide or tutor, you can be more motivated, and you can also set up your own custom sequences. Following the poses would be easier with HD video. In addition to the poses, classes, and videos, the app also has a community of users and a scheduling feature which can help track your progress and workouts on a calendar.
  1. Pocket Yoga. One thing which an instructor brings to the floor is the knowledge of yoga poses. This is a feature which Pocket Yoga has in its pose dictionary. It also gives explanations for the correct pose and posture, alignment and yoga pose benefits. There are 27 different sessions included in the app, with different levels of difficulty and duration. It has voice and video instructions to make the exercises even clearer. It also logs your exercises and progress for your own review.
  1. Daily Yoga. If you have ever wondered how many workouts poses you can do, Daily Yoga might help answer that question. It boasts of more than 400 workout poses, which can be viewed on HD video, and accompanying background music. For beginners, there are 7 yoga plans, each with their own individual exercise focus. These also come with the different level of intensity and duration. For advanced users to take advantage of more modules and poses, they would have to subscribe to the app.
  1. Down Dog. Despite the frivolous sounding pun, this is a serious app, which extends the capabilities of other yoga apps. For starters, it addresses the concept of exercise burnout. If you are tired of doing the same exercises over and over again, it can configure your routine to follow a different sequence of poses everytime you fire up the app. Users can set the duration, intensity, and pacing, and the app will set up a series of yoga poses to fit the requirements. The app is free, but new features are only available under subscription.

Yoga is not just an exercise. After a while, it becomes a way of life. It can be done by anyone, regardless of mental or physical state. Pregnant women use it to prepare themselves for childbirth. Older men do yoga to limber up. There is no reason not to use any of these apps if you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.