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Smartphones have become far more than an accessory as they come with the ability to run lifesaving apps which can tremendously improve your standard of living and bring everything, well almost everything, to you at ease and your desired comfort.

However, there is a wide range of tips and tricks that could make your smartphone better and more relatable irrespective of what your choices and preferences are. I mean, who doesn’t want to be cool right? What’s better? Who doesn’t want to be the person with the coolest phone around?

Here are 10 of the awesome tricks you can perform on your smartphone:

1.    Make your documents go Digital

This is one of the coolest features you can have running on your phone for the least battery consumption ratio. There is a ton of application waiting to be downloaded just for this special effect. As a recommendation, you might want to try out the Evernote, Google Drive and CamScanner for a start. The application allows you to scan your hard copy documents into your device, cool little trick right?

2.    Know Your Songs

It could be quite frustrating to have a song playing but wonder who’s being the microphone; this is a bye-gone issue as you can have applications like Shazam or better still SoundHound running on your phone to help you out in difficult music situations. Saves you the stress of bothering Google, Siri or Cortana for an answer.

3.    Who Am I?

Getting your contact details on your lock screen in case your phone falls into a wrong hand is quite needful, and for security reasons, several people have been bothered by the lack of such feature on their smartphone. It is however quite easy, easier than you imagined as you could just hop into the settings tab of your Android-powered device to set this straight. For your iPhone, Access the Health tab, and on your Windows Phone, it’s as simple as editing the wallpaper.

4.    Need Weather Alerts, Here’s How

It could be quite frustrating to dress up for cold and end up feeling warm through the day especially if you’ll be occupied the whole day, with this in mind, you might be needing weather updates more than you think and to get this is simple on your Android and iOS device as you can easily access the settings tab on your device for the update setting.

5. Turn Wi-Fi off with your voice

This feature is most significant to iOS users as you can have your connections turned off with voice activated command using Siri. However, for Android users, Google Now will do just the exact thing while Microsoft smartphone users have Cortana to help in voice activated deactivation of Wi-Fi connection.

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