5 things you should do when you crack your smartphone screen

1. Live with it 

When your smartphone screen cracks, the kneejerk reaction is to do something about it. The intelligent solution is to sit down and think about it. If you have already paid for your cell phone, then you shouldn’t have any real problems. You shouldn’t have any regrets or remorse. It’s broken, and that’s it, you have a cracked iPhone. You might as well replace it at some point.

If the smartphone is not yet fully paid, or if it is still locked in to a contract, you should check if you have insurance for it. If not, you can still have it repaired. Or maybe you can do the repairs yourself.

2. Use a temporary replacement

If you have an old cell phone, use that in the meantime. That is if the cell phone screen is cracked beyond use. If you have a GSM phone, you should be able to take out the SIM card and insert it into the temporary replacement unit. This is an easy decision to make. If the crack is not too large, or it does not impair the use, you can use a temporary replacement until you can have your phone fixed.

In today’s world, if you have been using cellphones for a while now, it is very possible that you have an old cellphone lying around somewhere. Try to find your old cell phone and put it back into service. That should help you be able to communicate by phone while you have your broken cell phone fixed.

3. A Do-it-Yourself solution

There are many ways for a do-it-yourself solution. If you have a screen protector, then the damage would be contained by the protector. Of course, you would have to replace the protector because it sustained more damage than the screen. Even if the screen has a crack, you should still be able to use it with a new screen protector. Try to get a tempered glass screen protector this time.

Simple or small cracks on display should not be a cause for concern. However, the level of skill needed to repair a cell phone is usually the same no matter what was damaged. If you plan to do a simple solution, you can just try replacing the screen protector. This will not repair the damage, but it will make sure that the damage does not get worse.

An alternative is if you can order a replacement screen for your cell phone model, and you can replace the cracked screen. This is a straightforward procedure which can be easily done. If you have doubts about your abilities, you can always have it repaired. The Samsung screen repair cost might be less expensive than trying to repair it yourself.

4. Have it repaired

When you want to fix a cell phone screen, the best thing to do is to go to a cell phone repair shop. They have the necessary skills & experience to have it repaired. For a cracked cell phone screen, it should not take them more than an hour to replace the broken part.

If the phone has incurred more damage than just the display screen, then it would take longer. They need to diagnose what’s wrong with the phone, pinpoint the problem and replace the damaged part. In all honesty, this is the most sensible and logical course of action. Unless, of course, that it is damaged beyond repair. However, you would not know that unless you bring it to a repair center first.

5. Trade in your phone

If your phone is truly damaged, or if you feel really bad about using a cracked but perfectly working phone, then it would be better for you to trade it in, or to sell your phone. There are a few things you’ll have to consider. First off is that it is no longer still locked in with your carrier. Second is that if you are paying monthly for it, that it is fully paid.

However, no matter if it is still not full-paid, you can still trade it in, but you need to either pay the remaining balance, or you continue paying the monthly installments. You should check your agreement with your carrier about selling the cell phone.

Another thing to remember is that your phone has a cracked display. As such it will sell considerably cheap. Or if you try to trade it in, the trade in value would be low. Just keep this in mind.

Using a Phone with a Cracked Screen Display 

A cracked screen is usually only skin deep, as it were. However, there is a chance that some electronics was damaged inside the phone. The worst case is if the battery got punctured. You would know this immediately when it does happen. Otherwise, a phone with a cracked screen display can still be used. You just have to be careful with the glass; it can puncture the skin and cause bleeding. If the phone continued working even after the damage, then it should be okay to use. Turning it off and on should show you if it is no longer functioning as it should.

Like any personal injury or a car crash, you have to take care of the damage immediately. Otherwise, you might injure yourself by continuing to use the phone without any repairs.

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