5 Phone Hacks To Better Your Mobile Experience

Smartphones have come to stay as a part of our day to day living, and it is with this that there have been several tips, tricks, and hacks to explore the functionality of the smartphone better to get the best possible mileage off it.

However, it is important to note that the best time to explore your smartphone is now as the world is fast evolving, the smartphone has become a financial, entertainment, informative and communication hub which can be maximized to its full potential when one knows how to work his or her way around it.

These tips are meant to give you a heladstart in getting the best out of your mobile experience.


1. Record Clear Audio files

Recording sound or video in a noisy place can be a really bad thing especially when you have to playback, and all the good stuff is lost in the background noise. However, there could be a simple way no navigate and circumvent this for the best possible audio experience given the situation. To get the best possible audio quality out of your device in a  rather noisy environment, say a carnival or party, use your hand to cover the microphone portion of your phone. Alternatively, you could use a cotton base, thin material to achieve this goal.


2. Explore Your earphone when snapping:

Have you ever been in a situation where the right angle of capture is far away from the shutter icon on your phone and have to redress to a less accurate angle?, well, you can employ the use of your earphones as the audio rocker on it can perform just the same functions as that of your volume rockers. Which means you can use your earphones to click on the shutter icon while taking great shots at the best possible angle.


3. Get the best off your camera

You should not be limited to the functionality provided by your stock camera as there are millions of apps out there which can make your camera deliver much more than you already have. In this vein, get apps which are capable of enhancing your camera experience through filters and added on features which will make your snaps more beautiful than you never imagined.

4. Need a Clone? Here’s how

Your smartphone camera is capable of a whole lot just if you snoop around well enough. To make a clone of yourself in a photo, simply set your smartphone camera into the panorama mode and have someone hold the phone in place while you take position at one edge, once the shot is taken, quickly switch position to the other edge of the camera angle while taking note not to pass in front of the camera.

5. This is probably not the most interesting hobby to take up while playing a shooting range game but your selfie stick can come in handy especially when you’re dodging someone whom you’ll love to steer clear of. Your selfie stick and your smartphone combo can be used to peek around edges to check for safe coasts before stepping out to save you from walking right into someone or a group of persons you’ll rather avoid.

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