5 Hottest Smartphones of 2014


By Brian Braker

5 Hottest Smart phones of 2014 Holiday Season

This post is based on feedback from the public, and Industry folks that have an inside view of mobile phone market. Each mobile phone has its pro and cons.  Each cell phone user has different preferences for what makes a mobile phone great. We use smart phones to conduct business, keep in touch with friends and family, check email, update Social Networks, take pictures/video, surf the Web, and play games. Which smart phone you pick tells people something about you.

What do you think is the Hottest Smartphone of 2014?

Samsung-Galaxy-S5 For Sale

One Of The Best Smartphone in 2014: Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 has a ton of new features we are excited about. This includes a built-in fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor that functions with a new improved S Health app. The are many features that make the Samsung Galaxy one of the top mobile phones of 2014. The Galaxy S5 offers a very cool and faster camera with real-time HDR which equals better pictures. Using the camera the Samsung Galaxy S5 offers give users who like to take pictures some powerful options .The power this camera offers is a great advantage when compared to other Smartphone’s.

The larger and beautiful display is one of our favorite features on this smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an innovative product with some really cool technology advances. We love the big, bold 5.1” Full HD display which you cannot find in other smartphones.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 offers much longer battery life. The new sleek design protects you from splashing or dunking in water which is a great feature. The charging port flap is a feature that can be improved but every smartphone has some features we do not like.

The Galaxy S5 has been on the market for a couple months and we have seen price drops. The plastic design is still  a feature that does not compete with the sleek look other smartphones in the market offers.  When you look under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy S5 it has some great features for the price. Bang for the buck the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great buy for those looking for a smartphone at the top of the market.

Samsung Galaxy S5 offers these great features-long battery life, music, volume level, touch screen, easy to use, great camera, WiFi, memory, durable, keyboard, fun games, large screen, great web browsing, great for texting, useful apps, speakerphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great phone and that is why we included this phone on our best smartphones of 2014. The big problem is Samsung faces some stiff competition in the smartphone market this year. We will see how it plays out with Apple releasing the iPhone 6 that will offer some great new features. The S5 Samsung Galaxy is one the best smartphone money can buy as of today.

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Motorola-Moto-X-smart-phone is a great buy


One of The Best Android Smartphones: Motorola Moto X

   The Moto X costs less than most other smartphones on the market, but provides many of the same features and many more. The Moto X aims to get consumers excited about smartphones with the promise of all-around performance and the one-of-a-kind individuality. We really like the gorgeous 5.2-inch 1080p OLED display. Its 5.2-inch 1080p HD AMOLED display pushes is similar to those phones in the larger end of the smartphone market. When looking at last year’s 720p resolution, the 1080p display (a pixel density of 423 ppi) offers a far cleaner and crispy look. We loved the resolution and really fit the screen size.  This Motorola Moto X Smartphone offers an amazing 13-megapixel camera with ability to shoot 4K video.

The smartphone offers a faster 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 801 CPU and you can notice the difference in speed when using the Motorola Moto X . The Moto Voice is a great feature which lets you control your mobile phone and apps without using your fingers. You can even create your own voice prompt. Plus, the Moto X is the most customizable phone ever.

You can select from an array of colors and finishes, and even get real wood backplates (in bamboo, teak, walnut, and ebony finishes) gets you a premium leather choice.  Motorola Moto X Smartphone really does let the consumers match a color that suits them. The downside to the leather option is it is prone to scratches and the smartphone user must handle with care.

This Motorola Moto X Smartphone offers an amazing 13-megapixel camera with ability to shoot 4K video. The Hint earbud allows you to keep head up and engaged, instead of having to stare at your smartphone. The smartphone offers capacitive touchpad control with no buttons. Just tap earpiece and this allows to do search inquiries or utilize the voice commands without having to use your hands.

We found the smartphone very user friendly and love the feel of the phone in your hand. We love the ability for consumers to design a smartphone that works for them.  Another great feature is new Moto X  is water-resistant by utilizing nanocoating which seals and protects the smartphones very sensitive internal electronics from water damage.

The one feature missing thing is an SD card slot for expandable storage. When you look at the price points Motorola Moto X  Smartphone really offers a great deal of Features at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

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Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4-Smartphone great buy for the holidays



One of The Best Best Big-Screen Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone

Samsung invented the big-screen phone, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers just like Note 3 did. We are looking forward to the October release that ups the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone resolution from its current 5.7-inch display to quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) and delivers a super fast. Snapdragon 805 processor. The cameras was upgraded on the smartphone delivering a 16-MP rear shooter getting optical image stabilization and gives the front camera a wide angle lens which is a great

Feature for all you selfies out there. A smoother S Pen experience will really appeal to smartphone users. The stylus is more sensitive than other versions, and will be more attuned to natural handwriting. Minimize app windows and the S Pen allows dragging them around to multitask, copy/paste, and help define words you see on the screen.

A great feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone is increased battery life that really beats the competition. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone offers many power-saving modes similar to the ultra power-saving mode found on the GS5 smartphone. This technology offers you 24 hours more life with 10 percent of the battery left. A great selling point is on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone is the battery will charge to 50 percent of its capacity in half an hour.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone offers a much classier look and feel. You can tell they took the time to really build a smartphone that is better than last year’s Note 3.  The chrome looks stronger and has less of a plastic feel to it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone offers heart-rate monitor that tracks your heart. It integrates the S5’s fingerprint scanner into the home button. It is much easier to take off the back cover allowing easy access to the battery and microSD card slot. The one feature missing is The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does not provide the Galaxy S5’s water-resistant promise.

We are looking forward to the release of 1,920×1,080 full HD which is the progression smartphone displays are taken. Pixel density is going to be so much greater and these new features will certainly appear to gamers. So we will update this post with the release of the quad HD update.

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 Buy Windows-Phone-Nokia-Lumia-Icon-Smartphone for the holidays 2014


One of The Best Smartphones For Photos and Video: Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Icon

   The Nokia Lumia Icon has a beautiful display and many great features. If you require a large amount of storage, have a strict budget, or desire a powerful OS then this might not be the smartphone for you. For those smartphone users that want a truly awesome smartphone with a great display, great Video and recording options, and take amazing photos then the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Icon really delivers. It offers Full 1080p HD and 4 high performance microphones  that delivers a Complete video and audio recording package. It really provides superb video and sound recording options. The Nokia Rich Recording and 4 high performance microphones delivers a brilliant stereo with minimal distortion and background noise. The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Icon smartphone delivers a full 1080p HD, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and unpixelated zoom work to capture images that no other smartphone can.

At 20MP, Lumia Icon’s PureView ZEISS 6-lens camera delivers one of the most powerful smartphone sensors around today. Post-capture zoom feature gives you the ability to get closer to your subject from where you are, even after your shot. The OIS feature neutralizes blurred or jittery images caused by jerky movements and delivers sharp, clear pictures wherever you are. The Lumia Icon takes Nokia ClearBlack Technology, Sunlight Readability Enhancement and full HD 1080p display that delivers a Sharper more vivid outdoor viewing that even minimizing the sunlight has.

The Enhanced touch sensitivity feature is even more responsive to your gloves or fingernails. The interface is very smooth and responsive no matter how many apps we had open or switched between. Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Icon really offers great integration with your world – email, apps, etc.

This smartphone is super fast and contains a powerful 2.2GHz quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, which translates into a greater capability to store, stream and multitask at high speed.

If you really looking for a phone that delivers a amazing ability to use Video,Recording,and taking pictures then the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia Icon really is a smartphone you should consider if you do not have a strict budget.

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 The-Apple-iPhone-5s a great gift for Christmas 2014

One of The Best Smartphones Apple Offers: The Apple iPhone 5s 

The iPhone 5S is not a die for upgrade but is fastest and most advanced Apple smartphone available until the Iphone 6 release. The IPhone 5S does offer a new fingerprint identity sensor based on some Intelligent scanning technology, a much improved 64-bit A7 chip, a much better and faster iSight camera, with ultrafast LTE wireless. The Apple iPhone 5s is forward thinking and many features will included in future IPhones.

The Apple iPhone 5s provides some features like AirDrop file transfers and the Android-like Control Center. The problem is the 5S doesn’t feel like a new phone but Just an upgrade with some neat features. The  Apple phone 5s introduces an aluminum frame that is thinner and lighter, and comes in two colors.

We included the Apple iPhone 5s because this phone still sold well even though many users were expecting much more. Many people who did not upgrade will certainly upgrade to the Apple I Phone 6 which looks to be one of the hottest smart phones in 2014.


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