5 Cool Hacks You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do

1.    Storage Problems? Fix It

Smartphones have become more than a luxury as they have become a part of individual daily living which means mostly you’ll miss your smartphone at one point or the other should you make the gross mistake of forgetting it at home or anywhere else for the matter. Phones have since evolved to become more than just for voice calls as several many operate their businesses and accounts from it which means one too many apps and for the photo lovers, one too many photos. In cases where you’re battling for low memory space on your device, you can easily expand it using the microSD card but for others who do not have the luxury of a microSD card slot, you can easily employ the services of Gmote which allows you access your videos, photos, music and other files by streaming it directly from your PC using a Wi-Fi connection. The application is available on the Android platform allowing you to access as many digital files as much as you want using this sweet hack.

2.    Phone Slowing Down? Fix It

Having your phone slow down or hang when an important task is to be performed could be frustrating, yes, I’ve been there, and it’s, not a pretty experience especially when you have people waiting on the product of what you’re about to show them. Well, your phone didn’t begin to slow down in one day and its most likely associated with the amount of files and applications you have running on it, with regards to this, if you’re in the dilemma of what to do to save your much-treasured device from hanging, here’s a sweet hack that’ll save you the stress, download the DiskUsage app which tells you which of your apps is responsible for the massive data hog causing your device delay in its performance. The application gives a detailed visual representation of the memory space taken up by each app on your smartphone, by order of priority, you’ll know which to delete and which ones to keep running on your device.

3.    Your Camera Can Offer Much More

Getting the most from your smartphone is almost the same as running up heavy mileage on your car, you want to get the value for money which was spent purchasing it, and this is good but how do you go about this when you can’t drive? Same for your phone.


Your phone camera can achieve a lot more than taking mediocre blurry images, and this is most important to keep some memories alive, so you will understand why it is necessary to get the best use of your phone camera. This can be done by applying your camera to your daily life, for example, you can snap your pantry or fridge before heading out to the grocery store, and this gives you some knowledge of what you have and what you need more. In cases where you suffer from parked car memory failure, you can snap the nearest billboard, signpost or markings nearest to your parked car to save you the stress of locating your car and wasting too much time.

4.    Detect Your Remote Control Battery Functionality

Phones come into the market with various new features one of which is the ability to detect infra-red rays; this particular feature can come in handy when you want to detect the battery life in your remote. To try this out, beam the infrared portion of your remote control onto your smartphone camera, the infrared beam emitted onto your device will show as white or purple light in the viewfinder portion of your camera app. This is to confirm the if the battery inserted in your IR remote control is working perfectly okay.

5.    Your Smartphone as Remote Control.

You need not struggle for the remote control again as your smartphone can become your buddy in changing channels and pranking your folks. To do this, you’ll need to download from the wealth of applications which offer this particular feature. You may also need to buy a small, inexpensive accessory, the IR dongle, to go along with your smartphone for better productivity.

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