5 Most Common Cellphone Accidents

If you are like a growing number of people, you probably have a cellphone within reach – no matter where you are. As the reliance on this technology increases, so do opportunities for damage to the phones. No matter what the situation leading up to them, the types of damages generally fall into five categories.

Water Damage

This may be one of the most familiar types of damage to phones. There are certainly plenty of ways to cause this damage, from spilling your soda on your phone to leaving your phone exposed to the rain. Even a tiny bit of water inside the phone can lead to corrosion and significant damage when left uncorrected.

The Broken Screen

Maybe you stepped on your phone after dropping it. Perhaps there are scratches on the screen from the keys and coins in your pocket. Sometimes screens get cracked due to collisions with other objects, such as table corners, doorknobs, or even belt buckles.

Damaged Charging Ports

Those tiny little charging connections are pretty susceptible to damage. Some results of this type of damage could be bent prongs, scratches, or trouble keeping the cord attached to the port.

The Disappearing Display

When cellphones are subjected to too much pressure, some of the internal components can break open, allowing chemicals to leak throughout the phone. This will lead to a black splotch that grows until the phone no longer works.

Non-Responsive Buttons

If your phone has a rubber keypad, then you might eventually have difficulties with sticking buttons or buttons that no longer work. Sometimes the repair is as simple as cleaning, but sometimes the buttons will have to be completely replaced.

How to Keep Your Phone Safe

There may not be a way to guarantee safety, but there are some easy steps that will come close:

  • Protect your phone in a sturdy case that is appropriate for your chosen activities.
  • Prevent scratches and dents to the screen with a screen protector.
  • Keep your phone out of pockets and in a padded sleeve.

These simple steps can provide a lot of protection for your phone. When these steps have failed and the phone has been damaged, you can usually contact a reliable repair service to have the phone fixed.

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