5 Apps for Watching Video

Smartphones were designed to be complete on their own. If there is a feature which is absent, the extensibility of the operating system will allow the user to download the necessary app. Although in most instances, the smartphone already has a default video player, users usually have some expectations and requirements when it comes to their viewing pleasure. It is not something that would necessitate a quick visit to the cell phone repair shop, but it is something to ponder if the smartphone cannot play a particular video format.

The list below is not complete, but it gives a representative listing of the state of video players for smartphones. The apps below are free, except in some instances where there are in-app purchases for the full feature. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to buy a different media player when the free player works great. However, these apps have gone the extra mile to bring other features besides the ability to play videos. It may be necessary to check out accessories to make your viewing pleasure as best as it can. A pair of Bluetooth headsets with good quality audio is necessary. While you are at it, you might also want to get a smartphone stand or case for handsfree viewing.

You may know the nearest iphone repair shop, but that is irrelevant as most smartphones can install the apps below without any problem.

  1. VLC for Android. This cross-platform player is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also available on your smartphone. It is a full-featured video player, capable of playing most codecs, including some obscure ones. If you have a DVD ISO, it will play that as well. It includes support for subtitles, multi-channel, multi-language, playlists and more. If you are familiar with the desktop version, there is not much difference with the smartphone version.
  1. Kodi. If your smartphone supports HDMI output, you should try Kodi as a media player. It can access different types of audio and video. The interface is a little different as it behaves as if it is an appliance rather than as an app. Don’t be fooled by the interface; you are still using your own smartphone. It may look daunting, but once you get around the interface and understand what it is supposed to look like, it should be fine.
  1. Plex. Besides being a video or multimedia player, Plex is also a streaming video player. Upon the top of that, it enables you to set up your videos in a home server or a desktop which Plex would read as the video streaming server. This does not break the rules around sharing, as you are only sharing it within your household. After setting up your own private media server, you can access that through wifi and watch videos wherever you are in your own home.
  1. Wondershare. This is another free video playing app. It also happens to be able to play streaming video with the use of the URL. You can watch videos from YouTube, Vevo, ESPN and Hulu (within the US only). It also has support for a wide variety of audio files. It also works video streaming in the same way as VLC above. This is a solid and powerful app which can be very useful if you only have a small storage media.
  1. BSPlayer.If you like playing videos which have attached subtitles, BSPlayer can help find the subtitle files for you. It logs on to the internet and searches for subtitle files (SRT) for the particular movie. It downloads the SRT file and you are set to watch foreign films with subtitles. It is also capable of playing MKV files with builtin subtitles. This works both ways. It has a modern interface which supports gesture commands, as well as support for skins. An innovative feature is the use of a pop out video player which floats on top of your other apps.

There are a lot of developments in videos, video codecs, and video quality. Most of the today’s video players can play 4K video, even if the smartphone can’t handle the data processing required for it. But, it is only a matter of time when everyone walks around with a smartphone capable of 4K video recording and viewing. Whether watching streaming video, home videos, or 4K video, the above list should be able to meet these current technologies with room for improvement for other video features in the pipeline.