5 Accessories You Need to go Along With Your Cellphone

It is not that cellphones have become an object of fashion. Rather, they have become so common and ubiquitous that most people would rather leave home without a wristwatch, than a phone on their person. It is natural for a person to accessorize this very important device.

Among the more common cell phone accessories which a person must have include the following.

  1. Headphone/headset.

Normally, cellphones come with a headset. However, it is very common for people to ditch the original headset and use some other brand. There are various reasons for this. For one, there are cell phones which come with earbuds. Not everyone is comfortable with earbuds. For another, the cables use are usually thin, resulting in cheap looking headsets.

Headphones and headsets are a matter of personal preference. People would want to wear something that is comfortable, provides good audio reproduction, noise reduction or noise cancelling capability, durable and fashionable. If you are going to have a large earmuff like device on your head, it would be more bearable if it looked great on you as well.

  1. Case/Holster

The cellphone case is a standard accessory for many people. If it does not come free with the cell phone, it is most probably the first or second accessory bought once you have the phone. The emphasis of having a case or holster is to provide security and support for the cell phone. The case provides additional protection just in case the phone is dropped. The holster provides ease of access, as well as protection.

There are many kinds of cases and holsters. These range from leather cases to multiple layer rubber and plastic products. The high end protective cases are rated for more than a 3 feet drop. Although testing may be for more heights, the manufacturers can only guarantee a safe drop of 3 feet.

Besides protection against drops, cases also provide protection against dirt, dust, water and grime. The cellphone can be expected to last longer wrapped in the case. People buy the case or holster to prevent any incident where they would be forced to bring their device to the phone repair shop.

  1. microSD card.

Nowadays, cellphones can have internal memories as large as 128 GB. If you have less than this, it is easy to add an optional microSD card. The cell phone can be configured such that the external card contains not only apps, but also data. If you have a large playlist with lots of songs, and video, the microSD card can come in handy. People like to have lots of songs, and videos, just in case they get bored.

While audio files range in size from 2 to 5 MB in size, videos are larger files which can be as large as 2GB or larger. Increasingly, these are the kinds of files which are kept on the cellphone. These include full-length movies, and albums. Bringing them along with you everywhere you go is as easy as having a large microSD card.

  1. Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is not just an accessory. It has become a phenomenon. The biggest advantage of a selfie stick is that you can take a better picture of yourself since it is farther away than your arm’s reach. For another, you can have more people in the picture.

There are some things you have to consider when choosing a selfie stick. Firstly, the arm or cellphone holder should be tight. There have been a lot of instances when the user has lost their phone while taking a selfie over a jungle canopy. Another thing to consider is the length of the stick. You would want a stick which is extensible, and easy to store in a bag. Lastly, if possible, the stick should have a shutter button so you can take the picture by pressing on the button.

If you are traveling or going on tour, bring a selfie stick with you. It’s the equivalent of a tripod, but more mobile and handheld.

  1. Screen Protector.

This is easily the most used and most replaced accessory. The screen protector is a piece of plastic or special glass which is stuck on top of the cell phone screen. The idea behind it is to keep the screen clean, and to protect against any scratches. With glass screen protectors, these also protect against the screen cracking for any reason. If you don’t know how to install the screen protector, you can have a phone repair personnel assist you at a phone repair center.

Before the advent of the smart phone, cell phone accessories were basically cosmetic in nature. There are even some cell phone manufacturers which have accessories based on cartoon characters, or those which make the cell phone look like a piece of expensive jewelry. There are less of those right now, but today’s most common accessories are almost all about security and functionality first before beauty.