4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Power Charger for Your Phone

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Power Charger for Your Phone

This article is a guest post article by Gabe Nelson.

A phone is something that has ingrained itself into society. It is a device that billions use daily for good reason. This usage however can cause the phone to run out of power and shut down. Imagine missing an important business call or email because you were unable to use your phone. A power charger is essential for people who are at risk of this.

Choosing the right power charger does require some research. From browsing the various options to understanding the different features there are some important factors that need to be considered. Here are 4 things to think about before buying a power charger for your phone.


The price has to be right. Do not overspend on an overpriced power charger that has the same capabilities as a cheaper option. On the flip side, be wary of options with an incredibly low price as they could be composed of low-quality material that may decrease its lifespan or might not have the capabilities needed to be a good power charger.

Pricing is just one of the things to consider when buying a power charger. If you have a budget understand what features you are able to obtain with that budget. Through research, you should be able to find the right power charger at the right price. Remember to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.

The price should reflect all the features you are acquiring and sacrificing. Cheaper options seem good but may lack durability or capacity. More expensive options may have an increase in capacity and good design, but the trade-off is that it is more expensive. Understand what you are and are not getting when deciding your price range.



Customer feedback is incredibly important. Reviews can help show how well the product performs compared to what is actually being advertised. When looking at products it’s good practice to always check the reviews to make sure you know what you are purchasing. That said if the product has no reviews check the reviews of the company itself as the two often correlate.

Another thing to be diligent of when checking reviews are fake reviews. It’s easy for companies to pay malicious companies for fake reviews through computer-generated bots. Amazon and other online retailers have had this problem for years now so you must be cautious when seeing the reviews and reading them.

To spot if the reviews are fake always check the written reviews. If the reviews seem shallow and do not discuss the actual product the reviews are probably fake.If the reviews seem too good to be true make sure to be diligent in checking that the reviews are honest and accurate. That being said reviews are still a good indicator in product evaluation.


A power charger is used to charge your phone. The more capacity it has the more it can charge your phone. For a typical day, you would want a power charger to be able to charge your phone fully one time. How much capacity you need is dependent on the phone you use. Some phones store and use more energy than others and that needs to be considered.

A typical iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone both have battery capacities anywhere from 2500 mAh to 3500 mAh. This number indicates the power capacity the battery has. Newer phones will have higher capacities that drain slower while older phones will have lower capacities that drain faster. This is why you commonly see older phones running out of power quickly.

When looking at a power charger you want a capacity that fits that 2500 mAh to 3500 mAh range as that works well with most smartphones. If you find yourself having to constantly recharge your phone throughout the day then you may need an even larger capacity. Choose the capacity that best fits your phone and your price.


Features are incredibly important to any electronic product. Capacity is a large factor in choosing a power charger, but it is not the only feature that a power charger has. The overall design of a power charger could increase or decrease the value of the product depending on what features are added or subtracted.

Convenience is a big factor for a large number of people. Some power chargers are large and bulky and require not only a larger frame, but a large cord as well. If you want something that can easily fit in a pocket or purse the shape and size of the power charger is something that should be noted when selecting a product.

Durability falls hand-in-hand with longevity. A power charger is going to be used constantly and for good reason. With that constant use, you do not want to be buying replacements because the power charger is of poor quality. Make sure to select a power charger that is built well.

If you want your phone to look nice, shouldn’t your power charger look nice as well? The power charger is always going to be used in conjunction with your phone. If you are someone that values the design of a product then that should be factored into your consideration when purchasing a power charger.

Keep your phone battery happy

The average internet user checks their phone 58 times daily. All those times checking and using the phone is going to cause the battery to drain. It’s a situation nearly every phone user faces as the day draws to a close, the phone that was being constantly used is now nearly drained completely. This is especially true for older phones with poor battery life.

There are 3.8 billion smartphone users around the world and all these people are going to face the problem of a low battery. The best way to mitigate this would be to have a power charger in hand to charge your phone on the go. Not all power chargers are created equal. It’s important to pick the best one considering the pricing, reviews, capacity, and features that fit your unique needs.

This article is a guest post article by Gabe Nelson is a content specialist of over 7 years of experience, currently working with Rushcharge. Just out of high school he set off crab fishing on the Bering sea in Alaska. From there he went back home to finish his college degree at the University of Montana. He has a passion and keen understanding when it comes to gadgets inside and out. He has written hundreds of content pieces in numerous niches. Currently, he lives in Missouri with his wife and kids.


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