3 Cool Android Hacks You Can Perform Without Rooting Your Phone

There are a lot of hacks on your Android phone that requires you gaining root access to your device but this violates your warranty, and therefore it is understandable why several people shy away from doing this. However, without rooting your smartphone or damaging the warranty, some other hacks could make your smartphone a bit friendlier and easier to handle, if you’re scared of voiding your warranty, these hacks are just your thing.

1.    Remotely Lock Your Mobile Phone

Won’t it be cool to lock your mobile phone remotely say after you forgot it somewhere and would love to keep prying eyes away? Well, this is a cool hack that might come in handy someday, especially if and when your phone is lying in unsafe hands. To do this, you will need an Android Device Manager which will help you take back control of your device should it be stolen or in unsafe hands. You can go as far as wiping all data, sensitive or not from your device using the device manager.

The simple key is to enable your lock screen setting to keep people away from your data and files.

2.    Security Bypass made easy

Getting your phone to trust a particular network is as easy as a click, but it is mostly unsafe to have your phone trust a public network which is susceptible to hacks. In the same way, you can use this particular set up in getting into your home device although the process varies according to the device. However, the standard procedure involves you setting a PIN Code to establish a secure unlock method.

Once the secure unlock method has been set, most preferably, a PIN Code, access the SmartLock and enter your PIN Code then tap on the Trusted Places tab then add a trusted location which allows you use your device in that particular unsafe place without having to unlock your phone again.

3.    Voice Call Recording

It’s pretty cool to have someone’s voice on tape especially when they are not a fan of voice noted and are saying some kind of cool things about you that you’ll love to keep other times, it could serve as the only method to vindicate yourself. In that case, your smartphone can afford you the opportunity to record a voice call for posterity reasons. There are applications in the app store which provide this function and allows you to document voice calls accurately. The cool and best thing is you don’t have to root your phone to do this.

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