10 Cellphone Hacks You Should Know In Your 20

Cell phone hacks have become mostly essential in helping us get the best mileage out if our dear phones, and if you’re in your twenties which is the prime days, of transitioning and fun before the real life begins, you might want to get the best out of every moment using your phone and the features it offers.

Here are some of the phone hacks you will find truly interesting and helpful in your everyday life.

1.    Your cash and identity cards are important and must be kept safe at all times, I’m sure you know this hence no need to repeat it but notice how you handle your smartphone with greater care?, why not just handle it all at once by keeping your ID cards and cash in your phone case. This is simple, place your ID, credit card, gift cards or whatever under the back panel of your phone case, and you’re good to go.

2.  Going to the games or somewhere that might potentially soil your phone? The farm maybe? Then all you need do is get a plastic bag to house your phone. One great advantage of this is that you get to press your phone as it will still be responsive while keeping it away from dirt, sweat or whatever contaminant. I bet you never tried this before.

3.    Feeling a little pre-emptive? Have your phone background changed to your contact details and be sure to include your emergency contact just in case you are involved in an accident, or it gets lost. This will go a long way in helping you get your device back or reaching your family in cases of emergency.

4.    While traveling, screenshot your travel direction and place cellular data off to conserve battery and save you from being stranded at an unknown location. This will particularly come in handy when you’re visiting a place for the first time.

5.    Your phone camera can come in handy when trying to park your car in a busy location especially for persons suffering from car parking amnesia. Make use of your phone camera to snap yourself or your car along with the nearest landmark to save you the stress of looking for your car when done shopping or at a meeting.

6.    When charging your phone, it is better to keep it on Airplane mode for faster charging. Resist the urge of using your phone while charging it as it causes major damages to your battery health. This is one of the primary reasons why your smartphone manufacturer did not give you a mile long charging cable.

7.    Save battery on your device by switching cellular access of some applications off. Most often than not, applications which aren’t much needed are the culprits in draining batteries, and this may be one of the main steps to keep your battery for as long as possible especially when you’re far from a charging dock or power source.

8.    Looking to take great action shots? Then hold and press the shutter button on your phone which allows multiple snapshots, and you get to choose which ones better capture the moment you want.

9.    Want to take an all-encompassing photo, but you don’t have a selfie stick, or it has been banned? You could as well use the volume rocker on your smartphone. It comes in handy.

10.    Use your front camera for softer photos and the rear camera for a sharper and more detailed photo.


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