About Smart Phone and Tablet Repair

Here at Out of Warranty, we take pride in our repair of your electronics. Our experienced team of technicians has been fixing cell phones for more than 10 years. In that time, we have expanded our business to major cities across the United States and branched out to repair a wide variety of manufacturers.


Our professional repair services include water damage, a common problem with devastating results. Our dedicated water damage specialists have the knowledge and equipment necessary to diagnose and repair your electronics. We can also resolve electrical problems, with a staff of experts who can test, identify, and repair a wide variety of issues. Whether you have a bad charging port or an internal power issue, we can help. We have relationships with many manufacturers, which allows us to find and install high-quality replacement parts when necessary and still return your device to you in a short period of time.


Every device we see gets the individualized attention it deserves. Your repair will be completed in a reasonable time frame with the strictest attention to detail. In most cases, we can complete repairs within two days of the time you bring the item to our store. We also have mail-in options for those who do not live near one of our locations.

If you're looking for a place to get your phone, or other electronic device fixed, Out of Warranty is the place to go. For more information, check out our Cell Phone Repair Blog or call us at (843) 363-6459.

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